Red Whale Dive Center


Established in 2014, “Red Whale Dive Center” is located in Labuan Bajo, Flores, Indonesia. We are a team of passionate divers. We come with a different approach in enjoying the beauty of Komodo National Park.

We value privacy and we believe that less is more. Small group of people helps our team to focus on every person’s need and ensure our travelers feeling secured and guided during the whole trip.

We believe in preserving nature and we strive for sustainable business. In Komodo National Park, you can really savor the beauty of untouched wilderness, one thing that has become scarce these days.

We offer an ultimate small group in diving and tour in order to help preserving the place that we love and at the same time, will maximize the quality of your trip.

Komodo National Park never fails to amaze us and we want you to experience our passion. We will show you the charm of our favorite places in Komodo National Park: observing Komodo dragon, the biggest reptile in the wild, having a romantic, private time with your loved ones in one of those private beaches that are yet to be discovered; enjoying the picture perfect sunset on a beautiful beach and our most favorite parts; exploring the gems that are hidden underwater and the captivating world where the marine life is flourish.


Our travelers are individuals who love spending time with nature, the ones who enjoy sharing culture and experiences, people who value their time and privacy and are always seeking for a new adventure and adrenaline rush. Our traveler is you.

Find out what our satisfied travelers say about us. For more reviews, welcome to find us on TripAdvisor and other social media.

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**Amazing Day Trip** THE BEST. We had an amazing day with the very knowledgeable reliable and very friendly Red Whale crew. We visited Padar Island, Komodo Island, Pink Beach and swam with Manta Rays. All possible due to the best fast boat and crew in the area. Having travelled the world and experience many amazing locations and tours – I hold this adventure and company as one of my favorites. Thanks Igor and crew for an epic day out :) Regards, Ben R.

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**My best dive experience!** Was diving with this dive center in August. The boat is amazing, comfortable. Wonderful diving. Between dives we had delicious food. Very professional dive guides. Everything was just excellent. I liked everything so much and recommend this dive center to everybody. -Bonni P-

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We understand that going on a journey in a rural, undeveloped place can make some people anxious. Red Whale team is here to guide you from start to finish, making sure you have the best time of your life feeling secure & assisted, be it scuba diving, snorkeling, trekking or island exploration.


Is it your first time here and you have no idea where to go? Or you’ve visited Komodo many times and you’re looking forward to seeing new things? No worries, with many years of exploration in Komodo, our divemaster and tour expert are always ready to help you by creating a perfect holiday plan.


We are thrilled to share the best of Komodo National Park to you. Our favorite dive sites, our favorite beaches, our favorite views, our favorite places to stay. Incorporating what you want to see, your ability and our knowledge, every single minute in Komodo will not be going to be a waste!




Our new 12m speedboat is designed especially for diving. It can hold 42 tanks with its special compartments. It has a clean toilet and a huge 8m sundeck for you to relax. What’s more, with its powerful 500 HP engine, we can reach every dive site in a short time.


Our divemaster and dive instructor are professionals with many years diving in Komodo National Park. For us, safety is priority. We make sure all our divers feels safe an assisted throughout their dive. You can see all the best underater beauty in Komodo without worries.


We use brand new “Aqualung” diving equipment for diving. From wetsuit to weight all are new and polished. We maintain our equipments regularly for your best diving experience.



Our speedboat is suitable for exploration in Komodo. It is fast to reach every spot in a quite large teritory of Komodo National Park. It is designed to maximize your enjoyment. With open side, feel the wind breezing and the beautiful view of calming sea and island on your way. Equipped with western toilet, wide sundeck, and all safety equipments on board, it is built in style without disregarding your comfort and needs.


Our team is not only knowledgable, but also multilingual. We speak Bahasa Indonesia, English, Russian, Mandarin and Cantonese. You are with the people who listen to you and understand you.


Our full day tour is a great deal for you who are seeking a high quality service. From itinerary, comfortability to food, we take time and serious process in order to bring you the best. We want our travelers to go home with a great smile and unforgetable memories.