Our Speedboat



Komodo National Park has a lot more to offer than just the iconic Komodo dragon. With the total area of 1733 km2, the sea area is dominating the territory. Our starting point for tour is from the city, Labuan Bajo, which located 60 km away from the main destination, Komodo Island. Similarly, most of the dive sites are located inside the National Park with more or less same distance. Unless you are going with liveaboard, you will need to start your trip from the city.

Most of the trip to Komodo National Park is organized by traditional wooden boat. It usually takes around 2-3 hours to reach Komodo Island, and 3-4 hours to reach Padar Island. With our speedboat, we could reach Komodo Island in less than 1 hour and Padar Island in 1 hour and 20 minutes. We believe that time is precious. Especially if you only have a short holiday, you might want to visit as many places and possible. Our speedboat is the fastest in Labun Bajo are, which allows you to spend less time on the way, more time on each destination. Explore the most of Komodo National Park!


Our speedboats are designed with style without forgetting your comfortability and safety. Our speedboats are spacious, ranging from 7 until 15 maximum capacity, they are comfortable for any outdoor activity that you will do: scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing. They have special tank slots and compartments to keep tanks and dive gears. It will enable you to put on you BCD easily and freely move around the boat.

Komodo National Park’s landscape is one of a kind. We certainly do not want to waste even one second of this beautiful view. Our speedboat is designed to maximize your outdoor activity during the trip. With the open side, you can see the Komodo’s beautiful islands and blue sea water on the way. Feel the sea breeze on sunny day gently blowing your body. Sunbathing on our 8-meter sundeck and get the perfect tan. With open side, it will allow you to do back roll entry easily when you dive too.

On board, we have clean western toilet and equipped with basic safety equipment: Oxygen tank, fire extinguisher, life jackets for all passengers, first aid kits, GPS, and radio. All the things necessary to guarantee your safety.


The area of Komodo National Park is quite large, with many places of destination to choose. Some place is located far away from each other, which is why it is necessary to be fast to be able to reach all of the destination. We value time very much. With our speedboat, it allows our travelers to freely customized their own desired trip in Komodo without worrying about time. Let’s talk about the type of trip you wish to do: Scuba diving, snorkeling, trekking, or combination of all three? Our Divemaster and Tour expert will help to make the tour most comfortable for you based on what you wish to see and your capability. Start planning your trip now Contact Us