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Komodo National Park has a lot more to offer than just the iconic Komodo dragon itself. It is composed by three larger islands and numerous small islands. You might have heard a lot about Komodo's most popular places to visit like: Pink Beach, Padar Island, Kanawa Island, etc. But in reality, there are a lot more places that are yet to be discovered.

Scuba divers who visit Komodo National usually use wooden boats to take them to their destinations. However, based our experience, it’s not the best option. We are divers too and we know what the best for You. There are some good reasons why taking speedboat is better than wooden boats. It's flexible and time saving. Therefore we recommend using speedboat instead.


There are about 42 dive sites in Komodo National Park with all its characteristics and uniqueness. These various dive sites are quite popular among international scuba divers and considered as one of the best in the world. Diving in the waters around Komodo Island, you may find the biodiversity down there, including the mantas and stingrays, sharks, turtles, dolphins, dugongs, pelagic, sea horses, and many other fishes. Not to mention, the corals where these animals live is a beautiful view to behold.

Some of the famous ones are located on the south of Komodo Island. It’s about 60 km from Labuan Bajo, and usually it takes for about 3 until 4 hours by wooden boat to reach there. With our speedboat, we can reach there in ~60 minutes. With a big difference in time like this, no need to waste your energy waiting on the way, and you can enjoy your diving on every dive site to the fullest. Because we save a lot of time, you can always book additional dive in advance.


Our speedboats are designed especially to provide comfort for divers. The speedboats can accommodate 15 snorkelers or 10 scuba divers (since the diving gear will take some space). We provide tank slots that can store up to 14 tanks, thus making it easier for you to put on your BCDs before jumping into the water. Your diving equipment can also be stored in compartments to keep it safe. Meanwhile, passengers have a lot of space for you to move around the boat. Our speedboat also have spacious sundeck where you can sunbathe.

Are you not a fan of crowded beaches? Do you want to spend your private fun time only with your loved ones, having a great time in a private beach, watching a romantic sunset together? With our fast speedboat, we will show you all the other beautiful hidden places in Komodo National Park that are perfect for you and your beloved one to spend time in private. Since we are using speedboat, we can start our trip early in the morning, or later depending on the condition of that day. You can be relaxed and enjoy your holiday, no need to be in a rush.

Experiencing the best quality time of your life!